International Interior Design Association with registered office in Chicago for over 20 years unites professionals from the industry of interior designs in the entire world. Support and help in development of most innovative and visional interior designers is the association mission, in order to strengthen the industry position and to appoint lines of its development in the future. Monika Bronikowska is a member of IIDA since 2012.
International Property Awards are dedicated to specialists associated with the industry of real estate from the entire world. The international jury awards in division into individual continents. An aim of competition is to promote the highest quality level. Distinction honorable mention is recognizable as the sign of pursuit to perfection in design and implementation of projects in finished works. Our studio managed to receive this prestigious distinction already repeatedly confirming the high level of fulfilled projects.
The Society Design, with its roots in the British Isles, centered studios offices and companies from the industry of luxury goods from Europe, America, Africa, middle and far East. The Organization promotes luxurious, prestigious projects of the interior design, architecture, product, airline industry and production of yachts. As the studio we were one of the first partners in this organization from Eastern Europe.

From the project to implementation

We identify the needs of our Clients, prepare a variety of suggested solutions, we create comprehensive projects along with implementation cost estimates. In the second stage of cooperation at the Client’s request we provide a partial supervision or full implementation service and supply of finishing materials in “turnkey” system.

For 10 years we create interior decorations and designs for buildings as part of investment all over the country as well as abroad. We also cooperate as a part of “project from a distance”. Pracujemy również w ramach rozwiązania "projektu na odległość".

We specialize in a full design and implementation service. We focus on “custom-made” needs and expectations of our Clients both as regards to project and support at the implementation stage.

An interiors design of flats and apartments, houses, as well as objects of commercial buildings, offices, shops and services is a main field of our activity. As a part of HOLA Design Group we perform also architectural designs of buildings, single family homes, apartment complexes, and service or office buildings.

Service fitted to your needs


We personalize both the proposed design solutions and scope of our services by matching it to the individual Investor’s preferences. We meet our Clients and optimize the scope of cooperation in order to achieve Clients satisfaction at the stage of design concepts as well as due to our support at the implementation stage.


At the design stage we can propose preparation of a comprehensive or partial project of the interior. From the Client depends what scope of works finally will be carried out and what area will be covered by it. Relying on our experience we advise what type of work to choose in order to assure optimum for the given investment scope of our help.


At the implementation stage we offer diversified forms of support from individual supervision visits, up to various packages including supervisors with a full “up to the key” option. Irrespective of the Client’s decision as for supervision option we can provide implementation support with reliable contractors.


For interested Clients we carry out supplies of materials and accessories included in the project. We support orders of our Clients ranging from these minor concerning individual components of equipping up to comprehensive orders. We have experience in providing assistance as well as supply of materials for our Clients in the entire country of the European Union and beyond.